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  • Detecting Duplicate List Items Using XSLT

    A requirement came up the other day, for a quick and easy way of detecting and displaying duplicate items in a SharePoint List. SharePoint 2010 has a ‘ unique column ' or ‘ unique column constraints ' feature which can enforce uniqueness on values stored in a list or library column, effectively...
    Posted to Obilogic Blog (Weblog) by aobi on 22-Oct-2012
  • Comment functionality for news pages - (Christian Stahl)

    Nice article from Christian Stahl detailing how to implement "comments" for SharePoint pages using two connected lists, DVWPs, XSLT, CSS and jQuery (also includes free downloadable examples files) Comment functionality for news pages – Part I
    Posted to SharePoint Server 2010 (Forum) by aobi on 03-Jul-2012
  • View Search Results XML Data - (TechNet)

    Shows how to modify XSLT used by the Core Results Web Part to display the raw XML from the search results data. Can also use the steps described to modify the XSLT for other Search Web Parts, including : Federated Results People Search Core Results Refinement Panel Related Queries Search Best Bets Search...
    Posted to SharePoint Server 2010 (Forum) by aobi on 13-Jun-2012
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