Search Active Directory Objects with PowerShell, SQL, BCS and SharePoint Search - Part 1

SharePoint provides import and search capabilities for User Accounts and Security Groups stored in Active Directory (AD) via the use of FIM, the User Profile Service, My-Sites and the SharePoint Search Service.

The following article(s) detail how other Objects stored in Active Directory (AD) can be made available in SharePoint Search Results via the use of PowerShell, SQL, BCS and SharePoint Search Display Templates.


Part 1:

To begin with we're going to create a SQL database using PowerShell.


Next we’re going to create a simple SQL Table that will hold the object metadata retrieved from AD.



Finally, we’re going to populate the SQL Table with information retrieved from AD using the ‘Get-ADComputer’ PowerShell CmdLet

(For this example we’re getting a list of Computers and their OS details)


Resulting in a populated SQL Table.



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Please download attached zip for "full/complete .ps1" files - Examples provided above are simplified abbreviation




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