SharePoint Saturday UK 2014 Rundown…

The fifth SharePoint Saturday in the UK took place a couple of days ago, marking ‘half a decade' of FREE one day conferences. The event is open to the public and provides focused content covering SharePoint and the Office 365 platform.


What is SharePoint Saturday UK?

SharePoint Saturday UK is dedicated to educating and engaging members of the local SharePoint and Office 365 community. SharePoint Saturday UK draws upon the expertise of local and international SharePoint IT professionals, developers, architects, and users who come together to share real world experiences, lessons learned, best practices and general knowledge with other individuals.

These events are the closest you will get to free training.


The event kicked off with an thought-provoking Keynote Presentation by Agnes Molnar (@molaragnes) explaining Search, Delve, Clutter, OfficeGraph and the Key Components of implementing successful ‘Findiability'.


My first official session of the day was "Advanced List rendering using JSLink and Display Templates" presented by Martin Hatch (@martinhatch), in which Martin covered ‘Display Templates - 101' (loading JS, targeting Lists Templates, Page Life Cycle and custom validation ..including potential ‘gotchas'), ‘Multi Language Support' and ‘JSLink - The Magic Plumbing'. Each with plenty of cool demos thrown in for good measure...


Next up was ‘SharePoint Apps for the IT Pro - What you need to know' by Thomas Vochten (@ThomasVochten). Thomas showed how to go about setting up on-premises infrastructure to successfully run SharePoint hosted apps. Describing and demonstrating different configuration options and their associated constraints and/or hazards... He also threw in a couple of handy little tips along the way, which you may (or may not) have come across ...such as ‘certlm.msc' for quick access to the certifications manager snap-in.. and ‘Wildcard SAN Certificates' (.. which was definitely a new one for me!)


Third session was ‘Apps for Office - the hidden gem that's easier than you think' by Chris O'Brien (@ChrisO_Brien). Chris explained that developing ‘Apps for Office' should be ‘fairly straight forward' for existing SharePoint Developers, especially as they are based on core web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) and are combined with the "Write Once... Run anywhere..." approach (Desktops, Phones, Tablets.. Office for Mac etc). Chris went on to illustrate the different types of the Apps before giving an in-depth demonstration of a full working ‘App for Office' and the various potential gotchas to look out for.


After a great FREE lunch, thanks to the awesome event sponsors (...who said ‘there's no such thing as a free lunch'?), I sat in on ‘Set Your Code Free - SharePoint Apps for Mobile World' presented by Bill Ayers (@SPDoctor). Bill explained how the field of ‘Mobile Device Technology' is rapidly and constantly changing (almost daily), whilst also providing some interesting ‘% of Market Share' data. He then went on to share numerous tips, comparisons and demonstrations around developing ‘Cross Platform Mobile Apps' using C#/XAML, JS/Html5 and a variety of mobile libraries  +frameworks


My final session of the day was ‘Writing a JavaScript framework for SharePoint 2013' presented by Hugh Wood (@HughAJWood). To be honest this session was definitely the ‘surprise session of the day', as the title and description really didn't give an indication to the level of content provided. Basically, if (like me) you think you know a little bit about JS because you've done a bit of jQuery or a bit of SharePoint 2013 development using JSOM/CSOM/REST etc... then think again! (and check out this session if/whenever you get a chance). Hugh started off showing us where many of us are going wrong with simple JS (irrespective of SharePoint). He then moved onto to popular JS Design Patterns and the potential additional burden of sealing and unsealing scopes, before revealing some impressive SharePoint specific examples ...including the apparently ‘undocumented' SP.SOD.loadMultiple JS function. I'm think Hugh may have broken ‘official @SPSUK protocol' when he ended the session by asking the audience to pick the winner of the free @SPCaf Professsional License ... but I'm sure that can be overlooked given the quality of the session ;)  (... and no, I'm not jealous of @al_eardley for winning... Ok perhaps just a little)


The day was rounded off with the annual "prize gift giving" (again, each kindly donated by the awesome event sponsors) and a SharePint.


As usual a HUGE THANKS goes to the event organisers Brett Lonsdale (@brettlonsdale) , Tony Pounder(@WorTony) and Mark Macrae(@m_macrae) as well as all of the event sponsors who made the whole day possible (... did I mention it was FREE).


: Showreel for is now live!

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