SharePoint Online - Checking Build Versions and JS File Versions

After experiencing an issue on my O365 Tenancy recently (...namely 'There is no trusted urls configured for the app deployment' errors when attempting to perform ‘Cross Domain REST calls' from SharePoint Hosted Apps - see  Thread 1, Thread 2), I wanted to find a way of checking the version and build number of the SharePoint instance...


A quick google search located "Getting the Product Version for SharePoint Online" from Cory Peters which shows how to obtain the current build version via "/_vti_pvt/buildversion.cnf".


Although this allowed me to confirm there were differences in the versions between tenants, there didn't seem to be any correlation between the affected build numbers and the errors being returned.


So, I wanted to check if there were any differences in the ‘SP.js' and/or ‘SP.RequestExecutor.js' files themselves...
(SharePoint 2013 SP1 has/had just been released, so I assumed it was possible that ‘SP.RequestExecutor.js' may have been updated... especially as the "new SP.RequestExecutor()" call seemed to be being affected  - again see  Thread 1).


Although ‘/_layouts/15/SP.RequestExecutor.js' was reporting the exact same file size (60.3Kb / 61,787 bytes) from both affected and unaffected tenants, a quick "ExamDiff" showed that there were in fact differences ... namely ‘rpr' values.


I then downloaded the ‘SP.RequestExecutor.debug.js' (aka readable version) and found that the ‘rpr' value was regarding the "version" info for the "g_all_modules" array.

My 'problem/affected' tenant reporting:

g_all_modules["sp.requestexecutor.js"] = {
"version": {
"rmj": 16,
"rmm": 0,
"rup": 2607,
"rpr": 1216


My "unaffected" tenant reporting:

g_all_modules["sp.requestexecutor.js"] = {
"version": {
"rmj": 16,
"rmm": 0,
"rup": 2607,
"rpr": 1214


Interestingly enough, neither of which match the build version reported via "/_vti_pvt/buildversion.cnf"

'Problem/Affected' Tenant:

‘Working/Unaffected' Tenant:



The same process can also be repeated for checking the version of the ‘SP.js' file (and/or ‘SP.debug.js'), by simply downloading (‘/_layouts/15/SP.js') and searching for "rup" and/or "rpr" values.

Not sure whether this information will actually turn out to be useful in relation to my particular problem, but thought might be useful/interesting to some.
('every Cloud has a silver lining' and all that)



------------- UPDATE -------------

For anyone interested in the 'There is no trusted urls configured for the app deployment' errors when attempting to make Cross Domain REST calls from a SharePoint Hosted App, the lastest advice from MS is

'This is currently a known issue in the SPO environment and is being investigated and looked into. The work around you have to change the URL to lower case is mentioned and you can continue using it till a fix is applied.'

... the work around being:

exec = new SP.RequestExecutor(appWebUrl.toLowerCase()); 




Happy Coding....


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