SQLSaturday #228 Cambridge

A couple of weeks ago I managed to perform my second ever "SharePoint speaker session", this time at SQLSaturday Cambridge  (...have been meaning to blog about this sooner, but simple haven't had time).


This was the first SQL Saturday event I'd ever attended, and I have to say it was a very (very) pleasant and well organised event (...with an obvious huge thanks going to Mark Broadbent @retracement, John Martin @SQLServerMonkey, Kevin Chant @kevchant, Peter Baddeley @baddaz and all other event organisers)


Now some of you might be asking, "what's a SharePoint guy doing speaking at SQL Saturday event?"... well the simple answer is this year they had decided to introduce a ‘dedicated SharePoint track' to focus on the relationship between SQL Server and SharePoint.


After submitting my session (again, covering BCS... although this time using SharePoint 2013), I was pleasantly surprised when I received the email informing me I had been selected from the large number of ‘Submitted Sessions'


Full details, session slides and scripts from my presentation can be found via:
Rapid Data Integration using SharePoint Business Connectivity Services

Full details of the days schedule (along with session downloads) can be found via:




....again, huge thanks to all involved



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