SUGUK Session - Accessing BCS Data: SharePoint Query vs. SharePoint Search

I managed to perform my first ever "SharePoint speaker session" at SUGUKEA yesterday (after hearing @ToddKlindt ‘step out  of your comfort zone' talk at last year's SharePoint Saturday, it was something  I'd been meaning to do).

I was lucky enough to get paired with the legendary SharePoint Speaker and Author Penny Coventry.

We had (somehow) both decided to cover BCS related subjects in our sessions and after a very brief discussion at the International SharePoint Conference things were all set to go.


    6.30pm - Registration
    6:45pm - Penny Coventry - BCS: How to get started
    7:45pm - Break
    8:15pm - Anthony Obi - Accessing BCS Data: Query vs. Search
    9:15pm - SharePint


Speakers and Abstracts

Penny Coventry - BCS: How to get started
Many organizations see Microsoft SharePoint as yet another silo of information that can only exploit data stored in lists and libraries. In this session, Penny will review the different methods of using external data within SharePoint. The rest of the session will concentrate on Business Connectivity Services (BCS). She will show you what you need to do within the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration web site, how to use SharePoint Designer to create external conten types - the components that enable you to connect to external sources. Lastly Penny, will look at external lists.


Anthony Obi - Accessing BCS Data: SharePoint Query vs. SharePoint Search
In this session, Anthony will be looking at two different approaches for retrieving and displaying external data in SharePoint 2010. He will be covering the basic fundamentals required by each for it to work, before attempting to explore and compare a variety of features available within each approach through a series of demonstrations. Finally Anthony will attempt to highlight key points/comparisons to look out for when attempting to identify which approach to use in real world scenarios.





Would just like to give a huge thanks to Penny (@pjcov) and the #sugukea (@sugukea) organisers Peter Baddeley (@baddaz) and Randy Perkins (@SharePointRandy)


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Ciaran Colgan said:

Thanks for the talk Anthony - it was very informative.

Keep presenting! :)


June 25, 2012 7:50 AM

Elaine Haines-Messenger said:

Good for you on stepping outside, sorry we had to leave, long journeys to complete hope to see you again soon

June 27, 2012 10:17 AM