The History of SharePoint

As SharePoint Conference 2009 approaches and promises to bring the official unveiling of SharePoint 2010 along with it, the SharePoint Team Blog has announced it will be writing three posts "to provide context on the upcoming release".


The first/current post on the "History of SharePoint" I found of particular interest... even if it was to simply reminisce over nostalgic days gone by since the release of SharePoint 2001 and SharePoint Team Services 

Not only does this post provide a chronological account on the version history of SharePoint, but it also provides a unique insight into some "behind the scenes" meetings and decision making moments which have occurred along the way ( the name "SharePoint" was actually chosen for example).

It's particularly interesting when compared with other similar posts on the subject, such as the "History of SharePoint from Joining Dots"


We can only hope that the following posts are just as good.

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