Telligent Announces Community 5.0, Enterprise 2.0 and previews new Analytics 3.0

Telligent have announced the release of version 5.0 of Telligent Community (previously Community Server) and version 2.0 of Telligent Enterprise (previously Community Server Evolution).

Telligent Announces Telligent Community™ 5.0 and Telligent Enterprise™ 2.0 and Previews New Analytics Application

Telligent Community 5.0 includes a number of enhancements, such as micro-blogging activity streams, searchable new-user profile attributes and social analytics to track and measure customer interactions. Simplified channel creation through drag-and-drop User Interface components (widgets) that allow both site managers and end-users to easily create a more user-friendly experience. Expanded search and editing capabilities
Telligent Enterprise 2.0 is an internal collaboration software application that promotes a productive and efficient corporate culture.  Features include global collaboration environment that integrates with and extends existing IT systems and services, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Sun Directory, e-mail, enterprise search providers, etc.
Expanded profile and search capabilities to identify and focus on influencers within an organization. Historical knowledge base that captures all interactions on a specific project allowing information to flow through the organization independent of the tools used (e-mail, mobile phone, Web browser, etc.).

In addition, they also announce previewing of Analytics 3.0, the first comprehensive analytics program that allows organizations to quantify user engagement both inside and outside their communities.



Also notice that Telligent appear to have dropped the "" address, in favour of "" in line with the new naming convention(s).

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