Oracle, SQL, & AD database corruption after VMWare snapshot

Had an issue the other day where Oracle kept crashing on a virtual machine straight after a snap shot was taken. The problems would begin as soon as the LGTO_sync driver finished running (as seen in Windows Event Viewer). Some searching evidenced that this is, or was, a common issue. The LGTO_sync driver is part of VMware tools and its job is to quiesce the file system before a snap shot is taken. Problems after the LGTO_sysc driver are not limited to Oracle, there are plenty of administrators out there with SQL and AD corruption caused by this tool whose job it is to prevent this very issue.To prevent this happening either don't snapshot the vm or remove the driver from VMware tools with Add / Remove programs (its called File System Sync Driver)

Other people with this issue on varying databases can be seen at;,1163,1165

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